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Pitch Fibre

What are Pitch Fibre Pipes?

Pitch fibre drain pipes were conceived in the 1950s and 60s and manufactured using by-products of the coal mining industry. It was hailed as the “wonder product” of its time by the construction trade; used on many new building developments, including everything from housing/factory estates to colleges, hospitals, and other public buildings up until the 1970s. It was light, easy to handle (when compared to its ceramic counterpart) and its push fit jointing design was so easy for contractors to use that this new product soon caught on. Hundreds of miles of pitch fibre pipes were laid throughout towns and villages all across the UK.

Pitch fibre pipes were constructed using papier-mâché infused with hot pitch to form a lightweight and ultra-strong product (at least, it seemed to be ultra-strong at first). Scientists now know that pitch fibre pipes only have a lifespan of somewhere between 35 and 45 years. This product has not been in regular use for some time now, but those with pitch fibre drain pipes still installed in their property may have genuine cause for concern. As pitch fibre pipes age, they come under pressure from ground movement and can collapse, deform, or blister. This leads to blockages which can, in turn, transpire into additional problems.

When a blockage occurs, you will need to remove it by using drain rods, or in extreme cases, high-pressure water jetting. Unfortunately, both of these methods can cause further damage to the inner surface of the pitch fibre pipe, such as delamination, which weakens the tube even more.

pitch fibre 2The only way to find the true condition of your drainage system is to have a CCTV drainage survey. This involves inserting a specialist drain camera into your drainage system and pushing it from manhole to manhole to check the condition of your drains. This will show any and all defects, which might include displaced joints, redundant drain lines, collapse or partial collapse, tree root ingress, distortion of pitch fibre pipes, or blistering and delamination of pitch fibre pipes.

Here at Drainline Services, we have all the newest technology required to reform the pitch fibre pipe and install a liner without the need for excavating. In some cases, however, the pitch fibre pipe can be too badly deformed and it will require excavating and replacing with UPVC pipework.

Please contact Drainline Services Ltd for a free quotation to repair your pitch fibre drains.

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