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A soakaway is a hole dug into the ground that is filled with coarse stone and rubble or plastic crates. It allows water to filter through it, and literally soak into the ground (away). Soakaways are used to manage surface water at its source and serve as an alternative option to draining off surface water via a stream or sewer system. A highly effective way of dealing with surface water; soakaways collect all surface water run-off into one point before allowing it to percolate in a controlled manner into the surrounding ground/earth in the area where it falls.
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Why Invest in a Soakaway System?

Some properties are on a combined system where the foul water and rainwater all run through the same sewer, other properties have a separate foul and storm sewer whilst others have a foul sewer, and the rainwater runs to soakaways.

These soakaways will be the same age as the property unless they’ve been replaced over the years. The current regulations mean a soakaway has to be at least 5 metres from the property. The newer soakaway systems are made of “crates” and are longer lasting than previous methods.

For any enquiry for a soakaway installation please give Drainline Services a call.

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Eradicate the risk of flooding with our eco-friendly soakaway solutions

Why Choose Drainline?

We have been working on soakaway systems for many years, and over time, have had a lot of success. This is mostly down to the skill and experience of our fully trained team, the members of which have extensive knowledge of soakaway systems. You can rely on us to deliver personalised services as we strive to deliver a soakaway system that is suitable for your property and fulfils all requirements.

So, if you’re in need of competitively priced expert drainage solutions, look no further than Drainline Services.

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