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To ensure that your drainage system continues to work without issue, it is vital to have it regularly cleaned and maintained. Neglecting such work will inevitably lead to problems with your drain that result in it not functioning optimally. One important aspect of such maintenance work that is too often forgotten about is sewage treatment. Here at Drainline, we’re able to offer first-class sewage treatment solutions to both domestic and commercial clients. Read on to learn more.

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What is Sewage Treatment?

Sewage treatment is the process by which contaminants in your drainage systems are removed through the use of chemicals. Large objects, such as lumps of fat, toilet roll, and food waste, can become caught up in your drainage system and damage the pipes. Such objects are the main cause of blockages, so it is vital to make sure they’re removed from your pipes and don’t find their way into the local sewage system.

While larger sewage treatment plants do exist, their facilities are neither practical nor available for domestic homes. As such, many homeowners will instead opt to invest in septic tanks, which essentially do the same job on a smaller scale. Septic tanks will separate the harmful chemicals and waster from your drainage system so that they do not make their way into local sewage systems or the environment at large. As such, sewage treatment is also an eco-friendly undertaking.

So, if you’re in need of competitively priced expert drainage solutions, look no further than Drainline Services.

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We recommend suitable septic tanks that meet your specific requirements

Our Sewage Treatment Options

When you first reach out to our team regarding sewage treatment solutions, they will first need to consult with you to outline your specific requirements. We will then introduce you to the range of septic tanks we have available and advise you on which model would be most suitable for your property. The type of septic tank you require will depend on the current drainage system you have in place. Rest assured that our team will help you to choose a suitable model of tank.

Our septic tank installation process is quick and efficient. We understand how disruptive the fitting of such tanks can be, which is why our team go above and beyond to deliver swift service. Your septic tank is likely to be situated on the outside of your home, so our team will do their best to make sure it is protected sufficiently. The septic tank you receive will be tested thoroughly to make sure that it is functioning correctly and meets our high standards.

What are septic tank drainage fields?

Septic tank drainage fields are an integral part of a septic system. Often incorrectly called soakaways, a drainage field is much more than just a soakaway. A drainage field is a specifically designed arrangement of perforated pipework, laid in trenches to allow the effluent to filter into the ground. They are designed to ensure aerobic contact between effluent and the subsoil. Drainage fields need to be designed to individual requirements taking into consideration ground conditions, flows, property boundaries and many more factors.

A drainage field  has two principal purposes:

1. To allow infiltration of treated / partially treated effluent into the ground at a controlled rate.

2. To allow further treatment of partially treated effluent before it reaches the groundwater level.

The phrase soakaway is often, wrongly, used in relation to septic tank and sewage treatment plant discharges to ground:

A soakaway is used for surface water (rainwater from roofs, paved areas etc)
A soakaway is typically a hole or structure filled with rubble / drainage crates)

Why Choose Us for Sewage Treatment?

We have been providing property owners of all kinds with sewage treatment solutions for many years. Our knowledgeable team have taken on a plethora of septic tank installation projects and have managed to complete all to a high standard, so they’re confident in being able to help all clients. Thanks to our long history of success, we’re considered by many to be the number one contractor for effective sewage treatment solutions.

So, if you’re in need of competitively priced expert drainage solutions, look no further than Drainline Services.

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