Are you having difficulties with the soakaway on your property? Drainline is a local name customers can trust, and we have years of experience dealing with defective soakaways Dorset. A common issue with soakaways is that they often cannot be repaired, whether they’ve been damaged or simply failed over time. The good news is that we possess the necessary expertise to replace damaged or worn soakaways. 

Our affordably priced service can be carried out in a timely fashion. We seek to minimise disruption where possible and provide long-lasting results, so your soakaway problems won’t return. We’re VAT-registered as well as ID and insurance-checked. We are Checkatrade Standard Signed and deliver services that consistently go above and beyond our customers’ expectations. 

If you’re experiencing issues with a soakaway on your property, this can be highly disruptive, so it’s important you don’t put off calling us. Phone our Dorset team today on FREEPHONE 0800 169 1533 to get started. 

Soakaways in Dorset 

Soakaways Dorset is a fairly common feature found throughout Dorset, though this isn’t immediately apparent as soakaways are buried underground. They perform an invaluable function which is detailed below, but suffice it to say, keeping them in full working order is a top consideration for any property owner. Here at Drainline, we possess years of experience installing, repairing, and replacing soakaways on properties throughout Dorset. 

Whenever you encounter a problem, time is of the essence, so it’s reassuring to know that our team provides a one-hour rapid-fast response time. We can tackle all soakaways Dorset, so you can rest assured that there’s no request you can’t come to us with. Perhaps you’d like to enquire about having a soakaway added to your Dorset property. Maybe your current soakaway has been damaged or is reaching the end of its serviceable life. 

Whatever the case may be, we can help, as we can install soakaways Dorset and, if possible, fix existing ones. All our work is guaranteed, and when calling Drainline, you’ll be dealing with a local family business. 

We possess the latest technology for repairing drainage systems and specialise in the no-dig relining of drains. We’re also equipped to carry out excavations of all sizes, from gully replacements to septic tank installations. As you can tell, we’re your one-stop shop for all drainage requests, including soakaways Dorset. You can learn more about what we can do to help below as well as our company.  

Alternatively, you can get in touch by calling our Dorset team, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your request in more detail. And if you need help with anything else, remember that our range of drainage services includes: 

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What is a Soakaway?

Now that you’ve had a chance to acquaint yourself with a brief overview of what we do, you’re likely asking yourself, “Just what are soakaways?”. A soakaway is, in short, a hole that’s dug in the ground, then filled with stone, plastic crates, and rubble. The stone chosen is often course. When put together, these components help by, as the name implies, allowing water to soak away from the property. 

Water filters through the soakaway, literally soaking into the ground (away). The purpose of the soakaways Dorset is to manage surface water at the source. They provide an alternative means of draining off surface water via a stream or sewer system and can help take some of the strain off storm drains. Soakaways collect all surface water run-off into one area. The water then passes through in a controlled manner (think of how water passes through a coffee percolator) into the surrounding ground/ earth. 

Just two examples of why a soakaway might be used include maintaining the moisture content of the ground and creating a stable water source for gardens. But the main purpose of a soakaway is to control the levels of surface water. In the event of heavy rainfall, excess water can be dealt with, which is especially useful in situations where surface water drainage systems might be unable to cope. This means that soakaways Dorset are commonly used on both commercial and domestic properties. 

On domestic properties, soakaways Dorset are usually located in the back garden, around the perimeter of the property. If you’re unsure whether your home possesses a soakaway, simply follow the rainwater pipes down from the side of the building into your garden. Suppose the pipes lead to a lowered area where the lawn dips – there’s most likely a soakaway installed under the surface. 

Many modern soakaways Dorset are comprised of ‘soakaway crates’ that permit rainwater to pass through in the same manner. French drains are another structure that’s often associated with soakaways. These are built in much the same way – a trench is dug out and filled with a gravel-like material. French drains sport a pipe that serves to drain off surface water, and these often connect to soakaways – they can also be built closer to properties. The distance equates to one foot away for each foot of depth they cover. 

For the most part, soakaways Dorset require very little upkeep. It’s important to maintain vegetation that grows around the soakaway, ensuring that roots do not penetrate the soakaway, lowering its efficiency. We would recommend that visual inspections of soakaway occur annually to check for signs of waterlogging or ponding. These are often indications that a soakaway is not working correctly, possibly necessitating desilting and cleaning. 

Here at Drainline, we have extensive experience with desilting and cleaning soakaways. If you tackle soakaways Dorset using ‘soakaway crates’ with the wrong tools, you could end up causing irreparable damage. We have methods for tackling silt accumulation around the soakaway, employing non-destructive methods that won’t cause any damage.  

If the soakaway has been damaged, we’ll try to repair it, though this is usually not possible, given the way soakways Dorset are constructed. If your soakaway is around 10-15 years old or older, we usually recommend replacing it. In any case, you can always count on the team here at Drainline. 

Why Contact Us? 

When drainage problems arise, headaches often ensue. It can be almost impossible to remedy the problem by yourself, and you likely don’t have the time to waste. Customers understandably want the problem fixed quickly, preferably with the as little disruption caused as possible, and that’s where we come in. We’re a privately owned, non-franchise, family-run business with more than 15 years of experience. 

We are immensely proud of our reputation for providing top-quality drainage services to customers throughout Dorset. We’re committed to providing consistently high standards of workmanship and impeccable customer service at fair and affordable rates. You’ll be dealing with a team of friendly, professional, and knowledgeable drainage specialists. We operate with utmost honesty, reliability, and courtesy, ensuring you’re left completely satisfied that you’ve made the right choice. 

As a company, it’s not our policy to keep customers waiting. When you call about an emergency, we’ll endeavour to have someone at your site in just an hour or less. All work is carried out by our highly skilled team and is fully guaranteed, so you can trust that you’re in safe and capable hands. 

We’ve served as the go-to drainage specialists for over a decade and a half. In that time, our expertise has been requested for countless drainage jobs, ranging from simple repairs to extensive replacements of entire drainage systems. No matter what we’re asked to do, our goal is always to exceed our customers’ expectations, delivering exceptional standards at highly competitive prices. 

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