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Our Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Services in Hampshire

Waste management is a vital necessity wherever there are buildings, whether domestic dwellings, commercial or industrial buildings, or agricultural land. Waste must be correctly processed and discharged in line with regulations and laws to prevent any risk to health or environmental damage.

Most modern properties are connected to the main sewer line that carries waste to a central sewage treatment facility. However, many properties are in an area with no direct main sewer connection. In such cases, a sewage treatment plant needs to be installed on the property to handle waste disposal.

Here at Drainline Services, we work with property owners whose properties lack the main sewer connection. We’ll design a system that integrates with your property seamlessly, providing quick and efficient processing and disposal of harmful waste.

And thanks to our knowledge of tried and tested methods, we ensure a quick installation process that minimises any disruption. Not only that, but once installed, we can help oversee the ongoing maintenance requirements of your sewage treatment plant.

This includes emptying and cleaning the tank, which should occur yearly to prevent a build-up of sludge. In short, we’re your go-to for all sewage treatment plant-related services. We’ll make sure you receive a fair and honest quote for any services required, and highly trained professionals will complete all work.

To learn more about the advantages of sewage treatment plants, keep reading.

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Why You Need Sewage Treatment Plant Installation

Having read through the above introduction of our installation service, you might still be on the fence about whether a sewage treatment plant is a right option. We’d like to allay any doubts you might be experiencing by covering the advantages below:

  • Time-Efficiency
  • Space-Saving
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Eco-Friendly

One of the main advantages of sewage treatment plants is time efficiency. In the past, it was a lot harder to process sewage onsite, and so drainage companies would have to come around regularly to remove the waste and return it to a processing centre. Sewage treatment plants handle all this onsite and only need emptying and cleaning once or twice per year.
The compact design of sewage treatment plants, Hampshire customers, means they take up very little space. They can be installed above or below ground and do not possess complex structures, making installation quick and easy.

Another great advantage of sewage treatment plants is that they’re environmentally friendly. Older forms of waste storage could potentially leak waste into nearby water bodies. Septic tanks are an alternative, but they rely on soakaways to completely purify the effluent that’s produced.

The beauty of sewage treatment plants is that they can achieve up to 95% purification of the effluent. This can then be safely discharged for reuse into waterways, such as rivers and the ground where it replenishes groundwater.

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Process of Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Hampshire

Most customers have no concept of a sewage treatment plant or how it differs from septic tanks. Septic tanks separate the water from the waste, but the resulting effluent is still contaminated. Therefore, it cannot be discharged directly into a waterway. Because of this, a property must also have a soakaway installed.

The effluent runs into the soakaway, where it soaks into the soil. Bacteria in the soil purify the effluent, which is then taken by up plants as nutrients.

Sewage treatment plants separate the water from the waste, just like septic tanks. The effluent then enters a biozone chamber where air is pumped in, triggering the growth of friendly bacteria. The bacteria remove toxins, pollutants, and contaminants, leaving behind effluent that is around 95% purified.

The effluent is so pure, in fact, that it can be safely discharged into waterways, such as rivers and ponds. It can be reused for a host of purposes and can help by replenishing groundwater with no odour emissions to worry about.

For this reason, sewage treatment plants are a far more popular option with property owners in Hampshire. So, if your property lacks a main sewer connection and your current system is providing too much hassle, speak to Drainline Services about having a sewage treatment plant installed.

Other Services We Provide

Besides installing and maintaining sewage treatment plants, we at Drainline Services also provide a range of other services to customers in Hampshire, including:

Other Areas We Cover

In addition to Hampshire customers, we at Drainline Services also provide these services in a range of other areas, including:

  • Berkshire
  • Dorset
  • Surrey
  • Wiltshire


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Dealing with drainage issues needn’t be a hassle, not when you have Drainline Services on speed dial. For over a decade and a half, we’ve provided customers in Hampshire with market-leading, affordable drainage services. If your property’s current waste disposal system is outdated or non-functional, call us.

Installing brand-new sewage treatment systems is just one of the many things that our privately-owned, non-franchise, family-run company excels at. And if your treatment plant needs maintaining or repairing, you can count on us. We can offer a one-hour guaranteed response time, and all our work is fully guaranteed.

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So, if you’re enquiring about sewage treatment plant installation, Hampshire customers need only get in touch with Drainline Services. With more than 15 years of experience to draw on, we can handle project requests of any size and complexity. We utilise the latest tried and tested methods to minimise disruption and expedite the installation of your new sewage treatment plant.

Perhaps your current sewage system is outdated or barely functioning. Or maybe you’re overseeing a new build and would like to add a sewage treatment plant. Whatever the case might be, our installation team will work with you to achieve the desired outcome for the most affordable price.

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