Welcome to the best drainage-related services in Dorset! Here at Drainline, we offer the best plumbing and drainage services that also include the installation of a sewage treatment plant in Dorset. If you are looking to install a sewage treatment plant Dorset clients, then you will need the help of the professionals at Drainline. We install and repair all types of drains. And when the job is as demanding as installing an entire septic tank or sewage treatment plant Dorset, then we are the perfect pick for you. In addition, we perform excavations of all sizes as we carry out a project from start to finish!

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Drainline Services has been installing sewage treatment plants, unblocking, and fixing drains for over 15 years. We are proud to be a privately owned, non-franchise, family-operated business. Our reputation has been founded on producing high-quality work at reasonable pricing with exceptional customer service.

We know that what puts us apart from other businesses and services similar to ourselves is our high level of knowledge and expertise, our friendly and professional team, and our work ethic that revolves around providing reliable and honest work. We make sure that all who we work with get the same level of top-quality service!

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What is a Sewage Treatment Plant Dorset?

Sewage treatment plants are utilised around the entire world. A sewage treatment plant Dorset is a system built to treat sewage waste coming from commercial, residential, as well as industrial water sources. A common misconception is that the water is purified or treated to be reused. However, that is not the case. Instead, its purpose is to remove contaminants from the water in order to end the outflow of water to a natural water bed. The purpose of the sewage treatment plant Dorset is to remove the waste from the water. This treated water is then sent through a pipe system or sewage pipe.

How does a sewage treatment plant Dorset work?

A sewage treatment plant Dorset works by receiving a flow of wastewater or sewage water from varying sources. Therefore, sewage treatment plant Dorset are not made for just one pipeline; rather, they are made for a multitude of waste sources such as homes, businesses, as well as industrial waste. The water is fed into a primary tank where liquid and solids can separate and or settle. A pump then oxygenates by flowing air into the waste in the chamber, encouraging beneficial bacteria to consume the organic matter and break it down, purifying it as a result. As it leaves the final chamber, the effluent is typically 95% clean and ready for discharge into local bodies of water, ditches, or land drainage systems. Sewage treatment plants must also be emptied at least once a year to keep the system clear of sludge that naturally builds up over time.
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Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Service

If you are in need of a sewage treatment plant, Dorset clients, and want it to be installed by professionals, then you can count on us at Drainline. Our process involves initially checking and planning the pipework systems. This also includes knowing the depth of the planned site for future excavation. Once the treatment plant components are agreed upon, excavation can begin. Inlet pipe systems and outlet pipes systems are then connected. Now that the system is set up, mechanical and electrical systems must be wired. We are a team of professionals that will ensure you the highest quality service and equipment. You can always rely on Drainline Services in Dorset!

Where can the treatment plant be installed?

Sewage treatment plant Dorset customers are typically installed near a river or stream for two reasons. The first reason is that the sewage system uses gravity to help carry wastewater to the treatment plant. The second reason is that the treatment plant can release treated wastewater into the river or stream.

Other requirements include having a large area in which the treatment plant can be placed underground.

Sewage Treatment Plant Maintenance and Repair

How do you make sure your sewage treatment plant Dorset system is in good operating order? We’ll be able to identify common problems like inadequate bacterial growth or an underperforming system by having a professional inspect and maintain it. We ensure you the best quality service by doing preventative maintenance and resolving any problems before they arise.

Other Services We Offer

Here at Drainline, we have a multitude of services that are not related to the sewage treatment plant Dorset. We cater to all services that are drain related, even drain emergencies. Some of our other services are the following:
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Drain Repairs 

When your drain is starting to cause problems, then your entire day is halted to a stiff stop! You can’t use any water at all with a non-functioning drain. This is exactly why we here at Drainline have the best drain repair services in Dorset. Drainline does a wide range of excavations, from repairing a kitchen gully to completely overhauling the property’s drainage system. We have a great team of engineers that have a lot of expertise with these kinds of excavations. We have excavated in schools, bars, restaurants, and hotels, so we are extremely familiar with both commercial and residential sites.

Drain Relining

Are you having a problem with one of your drain pipes? You don’t always need to excavate and replace the drain in such a situation; rather we can simply help you by relining your drain. Drain relining is a wonderful technique used to replace an old pipe with a new one. Cracked or misplaced drains are among the reasons for relining. The pipe will be replaced with a liner rather than the original being dug up. A felt sleeve is used as the liner, which is filled with a resin compound. We inflate the liner once it has been placed in the pipe. While the resin puts the liner in place, it will keep the liner tight within the drain and mould to the sides of the original pipe.

CCTV Drain Surveys 

With the latest technologies, we can now inspect your drain pipes without needing to excavate at all. Simply, we use the best CCTV drain cameras. These long drain inspection cameras are perfect for locating the problem with a drain. That’s why Drainline surveys first and works with what we find.

Drain Unblocking  

There is nothing worse and more difficult to deal with than a blocked drain, especially if this blockage happens suddenly, leaving you unable to continue any waterwork functions. Drainline understands that more than anyone and this is why we are ready to be at your doorstep in Dorset to help you with unblocking your drain in an emergency. We use all the tools at our disposal to ensure that your drain is completely clear. We use both rodding and high-pressure water jetting techniques to unblock your drains.


Drainline has many different drainage alternatives, and one of them is soakaways. A soakaway is a cost-effective and low-impact solution to handle surplus surface water in your drainage system. It is simply a drainage system that is led by a pipe to redirect water away from your drainage system and into a large container so that it can drain away slowly. This is a simple way to redirect water to the ground and soil as it prevents your property from flooding due to heavy rain or stormy weather.

Drainage Fields

Another drainage alternative that also functions as a water treatment process is a drainage field. A drainage field is a circuit of solid, perforated pipes in the ground that is surrounded by gravel and sits on top of it. The drainage field’s purpose is to enable wastewater to flow down through the gravel, allowing microorganisms to grow on the surface—this aids in the removal of pollutants from water before it enters the ground.

High Pressure Jetting 

When you have a blocked drain, Drainline will almost always recommend the most efficient and effective service that can be found, one of them being high pressure jetting.  High pressure jetting is the most efficient way to unblock drains. It also has a great advantage which is that it also cleans the drain. The high pressure water breaks up any form of blockages, as well as it can easily remove clumps of grease and sludge. All the blockages will be easily flushed out of the pipe, leaving it clear and clean.

Pitch Fibre

Much like other normal drainage pipes, we also service pitch fibre pipes. Pitch fibre pipes were made from paper-mâché injected with a hot pitch to provide a light and durable product. These pitch fibre drain pipes last between 35 and 45 years. Normally, excavation needs to be performed or the use of high pressure jetting, but both would completely damage the pipes. So in order to fix these pipes, we use one of our CCTV drain pipe cameras to inspect and reline the pitch fibre pipe to make it work as good as new.


We definitely mean it when we say we are the best drainage and water treatment plant service in Dorset! However, if still you aren’t convinced yet, all you have to do is head to our testimonials page to read some of our customers’ feedback after our services. As a small family owned business, we care deeply about our customer satisfaction and ensuring you get the most friendly and professional service possible.

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Drainline Services has been a family owned business for the past 15 years. We work hard to provide the best sewage treatment plant Dorset and drainage services in all of Dorset. Years of experience pay off as our team is filled with the most professional engineers and team members you could ever find. We operate 24/7 to ensure you are always serviced with all your drain related needs.

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