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Drainage Field in Dorset 

 The drainage field is a critical part of your septic system, and its functionality is essential. However, drainage fields require periodic maintenance to keep them working. This is because the drainage field’s filter medium becomes clogged over time, preventing bacteria from digesting the particles in the effluent and allowing it to flow into the earth. As a result, the sludge eventually gets septic, becomes black, and behaves like a sponge, soaking up groundwater. In addition, the package sewage treatment plant or septic tank effluent cannot escape the system when the effluent in the tank is unable to drain, clogging the drains. 

 So, if you face any problems with your drainage field here in Dorset or you want to set up a maintenance schedule, you have come to the right place. DrainLine Services is open 24/7 to help our Dorset clients out with all things drainage fields, whether it is a complete emergency or you have a small inquiry. So, get in touch with our friendly team today.  

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What Are Drainage Fields?  

So, if you are not familiar with what drainage fields are or what they do, don’t worry. Here are the basics you need to know about drainage fields.  

 A drainage field Dorset is an essential component of any properly operating septic system. A drain field is utilised to remove and control trash and pollutants that are ejected from your septic tank’s discharged water. 

 A septic tank, also known as a package sewage treatment plant (PSTP), is a tank that holds solid wastes while allowing wastewater or effluent to flow out into a drainage field. The water is subsequently filtered by the drainage field Dorset, which allows microorganisms to break down any residual particles in the water naturally. As a result, when water drains through the dirt layers in the drainage field Dorset, it is clean and safe to discharge into the environment. 

 Now that you know what drainage fields are and what they do, you can count on us to take care of the rest. If you need a maintenance plan or any emergent repairs to your drainage fields, our expert team at DrainLine is up for the job. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

How Can We Help?

So, as you have come to learn, the drainage fields only function correctly when they are well-maintained. Wear and tear and other causes might cause the drainage system to become damaged or stop operating as efficiently as it once did. Drainline Services, fortunately, has the knowledge and experience to get any rainfall water collection system up and running again. 

Our team is experts at maintaining the drainage field Dorset by cleaning the system and removing any debris that can cause blockages or contaminations. Our team also inspects to see if there is any damage that can lead to escaping water.  

DrainLine Services is the leading team when it comes to maintaining your drainage fields or repairing them here in Dorset. You can rest confident we will provide you with the most professional maintenance and repair services to get your drainage fields to function flawlessly and efficiently.

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Expert Drainage Solutions in Dorset  

Our professional drainage solutions are just a phone call away if you are in Dorset. Drainline Services offers lightning-fast response times; we may be there in less than an hour to handle any emergency. In addition, we are available 24/7, meaning we are ready to help you any time of day, any day of the week as soon as you contact us. We take pride in the fact that we have fast response times to all the emergencies and requirements regarding drainage problems around Dorset.  

You can expect nothing less than exceptional service for septic tanks, sewage treatment, and drainage. Furthermore, all of our work is completely guaranteed, so you can count on us to provide you with the premier drainage field maintenance and repairs here in Dorset.  

Our long experience of over 15 years in the industry has allowed us to work on various projects of different sizes, especially when it comes to drainage problems. Our expert team has always provided excellent services with the most affordable prices for these projects, no matter the complexity. This experience has allowed our specialists to grow their skills and makes us one of the best drainage services in Dorset.  

So, if you are looking for professional drainage solutions at a reasonable price in Dorset, go no further than Drainline Services. 

Drainage Field Maintenance  

To ensure that your drainage field remains dependable, we here at Drainline Services perform drainage field preventative maintenance on it on a regular basis. The goal of preventive maintenance is to keep the drain field from failing or malfunctioning and keep it in good working order. Therefore, it would be best to discuss this with our experts since we can perform preventative maintenance according to protocol and standards.  

You can schedule drainage field preventive maintenance in advance with our DrainLine Services specialists in Dorset. By correctly utilising the sinks, drains, and toilets, you may aid in preventative maintenance. It would be best if you tried to avoid throwing Paper, grease, napkins, cat litter, non-biodegradable material, paint, food scrapings, and garbage into the system. You can avoid using chlorine bleach and use colour safe oxygen bleach more frequently. Instead of doing laundry all at once, split it out over the week. Then, it’s time to replace or repair the pipes and other fittings. 

Our specialists will clean the system during our maintenance inspections, eliminating any deposits or debris that might create blockages or contamination. We’ll also keep an eye out for any symptoms of deterioration that might cause water to leak into the soil. Our maintenance appointments may be scheduled as needed, so give us a call right now if you need Drainage Fields maintenance in Dorset. 

What Is The Difference Between a Soakaway and a Drainage Field?

Drainage fields for septic tanks are an essential element of a septic system. However, a drainage field, sometimes mistakenly referred to as a soakaway, is much more than that. A drainage field is a trenched system of perforated pipes that allows wastewater to flow into the earth. They are made to keep wastewater in contact with the subsoil aerobically. Ground conditions, flows, property borders, and various other issues must all be taken into account while designing drainage fields. 

 To recap the differences between the two, a drainage field is intended to treat water further. On the other hand, a soakaway is meant to hold a massive volume of water for some time before releasing it into the earth (i. e., in a heavy downpour). People frequently believe that a soakaway may be used to treat wastewater (even if a sewage treatment plant has already treated it), but this is false. 

 Only a drainage field may discharge septic tanks to the earth. Septic tanks that discharge into watercourses are unlawful and in violation of environmental legislation, and their operators will face significant fines due to surface water contamination.

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How Do You Know If Your Drain Field Is Bad?  

Many signs can help you detect if your drain field is not functioning correctly so you can call our DrainLine Services experts here in Dorset for help in the following steps. Below are some of the signs you should contact our expert team.  

 When a drainage field is damaged, homeowners will experience slower than typical drainage from all of their sinks, tubs, and toilets. The drains in your home will continue to function at a reduced rate as long as the field pipes receive some water. Drainage will cease only after the drain field has entirely failed, and the tank has had a chance to fill up too high. Drainage field pipes that split open and shatter instead of clogging discharge excessive water onto the field. Over the region, you may observe puddles or spongy, mushy ground. 

 Another indicator that the pipes buried below have failed is lush, green grass, or weed growth over the drain field region. The consequences will be visible on the surface of the drain field leaks more quickly than usual or contain decaying waste meant to stay in the tank. In addition, excess water and nutrients cause plant growth to be noticeably quicker and more significant in the drain field. 

 These are the main signs of a problem in your drainage field Dorset, so if you see any, call our experts in Dorset today, and we will figure out what is going on and how to fix it.  

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Why Choose Us for your Drainage Field Maintenance in Dorset?  

Here at DrainLine Services, we are proud to offer you the premier drainage field maintenance services here in Dorset. We take pride in being a local family company offering 24/7 high-quality drainage services around Dorset at the most affordable prices. This means that whatever emergency you might face with your drainage field Dorset, we are here to help you.  

About us, we take pride in our experience in the industry for over a decade and a half. We worked on diverse drainage projects that strengthened our skills and always exceeded our customers’ expectations. You can rest assured that all our work is guaranteed. We offer you the most affordable drainage field maintenance in Dorset without compromising our high-quality work and top-of-the-notch equipment.  


After learning all you need to know about Drainage field Dorset and how we can help you maintain them, you can check our work for yourselves through our customers’ testimonials. We take pride in our loyal customers through our excellent workmanship and our high-quality drainage services. So take a look for yourself to see which drainage services in Dorset are right for you.  

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