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Drain Unblocking Dorset 

Do you need to have your drains unblocked? Then waste no time in giving the experts at Drainline a call to see what we can do for you. Blocked drains can be a nightmare to contend with and can cause no end of disruption. At Drainline, we provide a full-level service that includes drain unblocking. We’re VAT-registered, approved by Checkatrade, and offer a service that’s insurance-checked. Our team members are all ID and reference-checked too, so you can derive complete peace of mind when hiring us. 

If your drains are in need of unblocking, Dorset customers, you can get started today by calling Drainline on FREEPHONE 0800 169 1533. 

Blocked Drains Dorset

Blocked drains can occur for a variety of reasons, including blockages caused by debris, rodent activity, and drains that haven’t been cleaned in a long time. If left unchecked, blockages will worsen; drains can easily be rendered inoperable or, at the very least, slow draining. This can lead to flooding, which, at best, can be a huge inconvenience and, at worst, can cause damage to your property and possessions. 

The good news is that if your drains are now blocked, the team at Drainline are ready and able to assist you. 

Affordable, Fast Drain Unblocking in Dorset 

We provide a service dedicated to unblocking drains and can tackle issues in one of two ways – rodding and high-pressure jetting. Rodding is a method used to clear light blockages, while jetting is reserved for the most stubborn blockages.  

All our vehicles are equipped with high-pressure water jets that fire strong jets of water that break up blockages and blast away grease and scale deposits, leaving the pipe walls pristine. Any deposits are flushed away, leaving the drain free-flowing once more. Our approach is fast, effective, and very affordable.  

So What Is Causing Your Blocked Drains?

Blocked drains can be caused by a whole host of factors, and it largely depends on where the drains are located. Indoor drains are often susceptible to items such as: 

  • Sanitary Products 
  • Paper Towels 
  • Foreign Objects 
  • Food Debris 
  • Grease and Fat 

The reason may differ depending on whether it’s a bathroom or kitchen drain that’s been blocked. And if it’s outdoors, common culprits can include dead leaves and other garden matter, tree roots, and even rodents. 

Why Choose Drainline? 

If you’re dealing with blocked drains, call Drainline today as we provide a 1-hour response time, so you won’t be kept waiting. We’re a privately owned, non-franchise, family-run business that prides itself on providing a personable drainage service. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to have your drains unblocked and believe in offering the highest standards of quality at fair prices. Plus, all our work is guaranteed for your peace of mind. 

Suspect A More Serious Problem? 

If we suspect a more serious problem with your drains, our team are equipped to carry out the necessary inspection. Our vans carry state-of-the-art CCTV camera equipment which can be inserted into the drain to check for damage or any other serious issues. 


We’re immensely proud of the feedback we’ve received from customers in Dorset who’ve previously requested for us to unblock their drains. But don’t just take our word for it; click on our testimonials and see for yourself. 

Contact Us for More About Our Drain Unblocking Services

If you’ve encountered a problem with blocked drains and require a drain unblocking service, it should be obvious now who to call. Here at Drainline, we’re committed to offering the number one drain unblocking service in all of Dorset. If you’d like to request a service carried out on your drains, call our FREEPHONE number on 0800 169 1533. Alternatively, you can also call us on 07483 995398

We’ll have one of our drainage experts dispatched to you in no time.