Do you suspect that there may be a busted pipe on your property? Unfortunately, there’s no over-the-counter solution to whip that pipe into shape. Instead, you’ll need to seek out a company that excels at carrying out drain relining, Dorset customers. Here at Drainline Services, we provide a host of drainage services, from drain repairs to drain relining.

We can reline the inside of your pipe, effectively creating a new one, without the destruction caused by digging out the original pipe. In addition, the process is quick and minimally disruptive as we won’t turn your property into a worksite. Instead, we’ll be in and out in just a few hours, and once we leave, your pipe will be restored to full working order.

So, if you believe you can benefit from our drain relining services, you need simply get in touch today. You can call us on 0800 169 1533 to learn more about our effective service.

What is Drain Relining? 

When it comes to drain relining, Dorset customers should do their research and pick a company that boasts a stellar reputation. Such a reputation assures you that all drain relining services will be carried out correctly and affordably. Reputable companies will also guarantee their workmanship, so you’re covered should anything go wrong.

At Drainline Services, we’ve been providing such assurances for the last 19 years. Not every drain repair requires that the pipe be dug up and replaced. Instead, many jobs can be resolved through drain relining services. And where we’re involved, you can bank on high-quality results that last.
Drain relining is a method of installing a new pipe inside the old, damaged one. This is achieved by installing a felt sleeve liner impregnated with a resin formula into the pipe and then inflating it using an air inversion.
The liner will be held tight inside the pipe by this, moulding to the sides of the original pipe as the resin sets the liner in place. Once the resin has cured, you will have a brand-new pipe inside the original damaged pipe without needing to dig up your drainage system.

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We can expertly carry out Dorset drain relining on your property. We will identify the issue with your drains and pipes by using CCTV surveys and advise you whether drain relining is a suitable option. If it is indeed a suitable option, we’ll provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quote for the needed work.

The process couldn’t be simpler and begins with a member of our drain relining Dorset team inserting the liner into the pipe. They’ll ensure that the liner covers the entirety of the damaged section before it’s inflated. The liner will have been coated with the resin before placing it into the pipe. Once in place, our expert will inflate the pipe through air inversion.

Once the resin has cured, the pipe has a new inner wall that takes care of leaks and stops further blockages. Drain relining is a fantastic alternative to extensive groundworks, but it’s not a complete replacement.

There may be situations where a pipe is too heavily damaged for drain relining to take. We’ll need to excavate and repair or replace the pipe in such cases. We’ll advise you accordingly and leave you to decide whether to proceed.

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Complete Drain Relining Services in Dorset  

The Drainline Services team comprises expert engineers that have access to the latest tools and equipment. So, customers can always bank on our ability to tackle any job, regardless of size or complexity. Drain relining is an option worth considering when available.

When repairing broken drainage pipes, the process can be costly and destructive if you need to dig the pipes up. However, in most cases, fixing your pipes doesn’t require digging them up and replacing them, as they can simply be relined. This process for drain relining, Dorset clients, is essentially installing a new pipe inside the old one while it remains in place.

We’re the industry’s top drain repair and relining professionals with nearly two decades of experience. We always employ tried and tested methods and only use premium-grade materials in all our work. And with an array of top-tier, fully maintained equipment and machinery at our disposal, we’ll get the job done right in no time.

Drain relining is a less destructive, cost-effective way of repairing damaged pipes. We can install full- and part-length liners and carry out localised patch repairs to suit the situation. The liners we use are made from a dense impermeable felt.

Each liner is tailored to the pipe in question, including its internal dimensions. We can use different liner thicknesses depending on the job requirements. Our liners are suitable for:

  • Sewers
  • Culverts
  • Vertical Downpipes
  • Seal Tanks
  • Chambers
  • Manholes
  • And More

They are highly resistant to even the most corrosive chemicals and can withstand high temperatures. They are strong, rugged, and durable, and so will last a long time.

Why Choose Us?

Drainline Services is a family-run, privately owned business established 19 years ago in 2003. For nearly two decades, we’ve made a name for ourselves performing vital drain repairs among an array of other services, including:

  • Drain Unblocking
  • Pitch Fibre Re-Rounding
  • High-Pressure Water Jetting
  • Air and Water Testing
  • Gully Cleaning

We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every job, offering expert advice and services at affordable prices. 

Our team of experienced engineers are fully equipped to handle any request you have, whether on a domestic or commercial property. We can provide a fast one-hour response time, ensuring you are never left waiting around, and all our work is guaranteed. You can trust our team to offer a reliable service for drain relining, Dorset clients. 

We adopt a time-oriented approach as we never wish to inconvenience our customers longer than necessary. And we’re so confident in our workmanship that a ten-year guarantee covers our work. So, following our drain relining services, you’ll be fully covered if any problems should arise within that period. 

If you require further convincing that Drainline Services is the best team to offer drain relining services, check out our testimonials page. Here, you will see glowing reviews from previous clients who have been left highly satisfied with our results.   

While hearing about our work can be helpful, we understand that you will want to see our quality workmanship for yourself. Therefore, we have a dedicated gallery page where you can see the results from previous projects we have carried out.

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So, if you’re looking for a team that specialises in drain relining, Dorset customers need to look no further than Drainline Services. Our drain relining services are among the best the local area has to offer, and they are the most affordable to boot. Carried out by highly skilled drainage professionals, you can trust that your drains will be restored to full working order and will provide you with many more years of reliable service. If you are now convinced that we at Drainline Services are the best team for drain relining, Dorset clients, you need simply reach out to us today to find out more. You can call us on 0800 169 1533 to speak to a member of our team directly.