Are the drains in your Reading home blocked up? Then call up Drainline today as we offer homeowners in Reading a speedy drain unblocking service; we will have your drains unblocked and functioning in no time at all.

At Drainline, we understand that a blocked drain is a nuisance and can stop the use of important facilities in your home. To combat this problem, our company has set up a rapid response service to combat all blocked drains in Reading.

High Pressure Jetting

If rodding does not work in clearing your blocked drain, then you will need Drainline’s high pressure jetting service. High pressure jetting is one of the most effective methods used to unblock drains. The method involves inserting a jet into the drainage system and spraying it with water at a very high pressure. The pressurised water aims to remove the source of the blockage; it will also dislodge any deposits and limescale.

Every Drainline van is equipped with high pressure jetting, so if rodding does not work, our trained staff will unblock your drainage with high pressure jetting.

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Our Reading Blocked Drain Services

When you choose Drainline today, it will be a decision that you will not regret. Every van that responds to your blocked drain emergency will be fully equipped to ensure your emergency is dealt with on site. We provide the following methods to unblock your drains:

CCTV Survey

If the above methods do not work in unblocking your drain, it can signify a more serious problem within your drainage system. During the CCTV survey, we will inspect your entire drainage system with modern technology, and we will be able to pinpoint the exact location of the problem. So if there is subsidence or a cracked drain somewhere in your drainage system, we can identify the exact problem with our CCTV surveys.


Rodding is a common method used to unblock drains, and will clear the majority of blockages. We will insert flexible rods, depending on the scale of your blockage, to an adaptable plunger. This is one of the most flexible and efficient methods that will ensure that your drain is unblocked in no time.

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Why Choose Drainline?

We unblock all types of drains in the following properties:

  • Domestic properties like homes and flats
  • Commercial including pubs, restaurants, and more

Wherever you are in Reading, Drainline provides a 24/7 blocked drains in Reading service. Regardless of the time or day, we will be with you within the hour. For more information, please contact us at 01183 733 282.